Nyeri woman claims to have a child with late Pombe Magufuli and asks for help to reach Tanzanian authorities for upkeep.

A Nyeri woman Angela Njeri Wangari has petitioned the ministry of Foreign Affairs to help reach out to the Tanzanian authorities over the upkeep of a child she claims to have seared with the late John Pombe Magufuli.


The unfortunate incident was thwarted by officials from the Tanzanian Embassy in Nairobi who denied her entry once her mission was determined. Njeri aged 25 claims to have had an extramarital affair with the late Tanzanian president out of which a child was born.


Right now it’s rather inopportune for the lady to make her claims seeing that the mood is somber and the East African nations are in mourning. About the parties involved it’s unlikely that the paternity claims would be determined by a conventional DNA test. If indeed there’s substance to her claims all parties would be more comfortable with an out-of-court settlement.

Last week a bill was brought on the flor of the Kenyan National assembly seeking to bar children born out of wedlock from claiming upkeep once their benefactor dies. Lately, Kenyan courts have appeared particularly lenient and made several concessions in favor of such children and their mothers.

Wangari was thwarted in her efforts to reach the office of the Tanzanian High commissioner in Kenya.

The Kenyan court system is accused of having a soft-spot for similar claims and this might prompt goldgiggers in lodging wayward claims.

For Wangari the timing may rattle some people but if the claim is genuine delay in lodging a complaint could as well water-down legitimacy in a court of law.

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