Obegi’s lavish lifestyle was all a lie : deceased mother reveals

The lavish lifestyle allegedly lived by the murdered blogger Fred Obegi and displayed on social media was just a lie according to his mother.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, June 23, from their birthplace in Nyamira County, Obegi’s mother explained that her son was living an honest and difficult life. During their last telephone conversation before receiving news of her disappearance, she revealed that he had called her and asked her to send him Ksh70 bob.

His mother denied reports that Obegi lived a luxurious life filled with women and many beautiful friends who were connected in high positions.

“Just the day before he was found murdered, he called me asking for only Ksh 70. I was with his uncle and told him that I had no money at the time,” Obegi’s mother revealed.

To substantiate the family’s claim, one of the deceased’s relatives noted that he did not have enough money to buy a coffin, let alone provide him with a proper shipment.

“You all have seen here that we have nothing even to transport the corpse from Nairobi was very difficult, even now we do not have the money to buy a coffin, if the money they are talking about is there to give some for us. use it to pay for his funeral, ”said one of his relatives.

Using ancient languages, things are different on the field, his brother claimed Obegi just took a full picture to highlight his accuracy on social media, but in real life he struggled.

“Obegi could have boarded a plane when he came across the money, but that did not mean he was rich. My brother could even call home and ask for Ksh 100 to buy food,” he told reporters.

Obegi’s father, on the other hand, maintained that his son was well-mannered and honest. He denied reports that he was involved in an online fraud scam.

The family has called on investigative agencies to expedite the investigation into the murder of their child whose body was badly mutilated and dumped in the Kijabe forest.

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