ODM explains on their nominations formula

On Sunday, April 3, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party announced its nomination formula amid a dispute that threatens to shake up party unity before the August 9, 2022 elections.

Speaking during an interview on Citizen television, ODM Electoral Committee Chairperson Catherine Mumma revealed that the party’s criteria include; building consensus, direct selection, referendums and primaries of competing parties.

Mother broke each of the methods, noting that the construction agreement remains their main route. It is about bringing together candidates who then identify the strongest candidate among them and gather around him.

“Agreement means letting those who want to talk alone or through a third party try to resolve just one,” she explained.

The president of the election committee also described the use of referendums. He noted that the method was scientific and would provide an overview of what is happening in the field, based on scientific data.

Mumma added that based on the results of the vote, they would try to persuade lower office applicants to cancel their offers and support higher-level candidates. However, he stressed that the process was very democratic.

“We are evaluating the candidates, not just those of the ODM, and in some cases we have succeeded in persuading those who did not have a good reputation to leave those who are well. It is a dialogue, participants must be ready and see. an issue that the party is trying to get information on, ”he stressed.

While responding to comments made by some of the candidates about the technique, he assured them that it would be clear. He added that the outgoing voters are respected and have dealt with previous elections, including those for presidential candidates.

With regard to direct nominations, the chairman of the electoral commission noted that it would be applicable in cases where the party has only one candidate or when the candidate is more miles away than other competitors.

She explained that the candidates would only run out of candidates’ resources and reduce their ability to compete with other candidates from other parties. Additionally, strong candidates who have been robbed from another party will also be given a direct ticket.

“We can also give direct nominations when we are looking for a good candidate from another party. If we succeed in getting a solid candidate from Jubilee, for example, it would be wrong to present them in primaries because they do not. They do not even know ODM members to campaign,” he said.

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