ODM warns Jimi Wanjigi for opening similar party.

Mr Raila Odinga’s ODM threatened to punish businessman Jimi Wanjigi for opening similar party offices, escalating a dispute with the leader who angered senior officials with his party’s presidential campaign.
On Wednesday, Odinga chaired a meeting of the party’s Central Management Committee (CMC) which warned that members who open branches without the approval of the national office will face disciplinary action.


Although a statement issued after the meeting did not name names, the resolution targeted Mr Wanjigi, who recently criticized Odinga and has long been accused by officials of opening offices. party. presidential ticket.

The ODM leadership meeting decided not to recognize any open office without the blessing of headquarters.

“We would like to remind all members that whenever there is a need to open a party office, the same should be done in consultation with the national office, otherwise those offices will not be recognized,” it reads – in a statement signed by the secretary general. Edwin Sifuna.

“Keep in mind that such violations of party law will result in disciplinary action. The public and our members are requested not to enter into the hiring or planning of such offices without written confirmation from the Secretary General, ”he added.

ODM chairman John Mbadi said the Nation Party offices were not private. Therefore, any open office must be approved by the secretariat.

It is not known how many offices Mr Wanjigi opened, but during his recent visit to Mr Odinga’s backyard in Migori County, he said he wanted to build 13 ODM offices in the remote Mount Kenya area later this month.

Mr Wanjigi, who challenged Mr Odinga to support his candidacy for the head office, met with ODM members in Nakuru, Nairobi and Mount Kenya where he also chaired the opening of the party’s offices.

“We are traveling in the country, wherever the ODM is not, opening party offices and recruiting members so that we can increase the number and the party can be strengthened in the upcoming elections. We should not be deterred by any demands that we come to the party first,” Wanjigi said recently.

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