Omanga cries out as the ruling by the PPDT dismisses their application.

The Jubilee nominated senators now fears being expelled from the Jubilee party as the court today ruled against the nominated senators who were expelled by the Jubilee party in February.

The six senators who were expelled by the Jubilee party over insubordination and gross misconduct are Isaac Mwaura, Millicent Omanga, Mary senata, Falhada Dekow Iman, Naomi Jillo Waqo and Victor Prengei.

Reacting after the court ruling today expressed her fear that the court rulings may be implemented by Jubilee party after the court ruling today.

According to the nominated senator Millicent Omanga , the court did not serve them with the certified copy of the ruling to help them in appealing of the ruling which may help them stay in Jubilee party on appeal.

Now the fate of the six nominated senators lies at the hands of the Jubilee party after the court allowed the party to go ahead with expelling the six senators for insubordination and misconduct to the jubilee party.

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