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Omosh apologizes to Kenyans, “you will not hear from me again.”

Omosh claimed he was joking recently when he said he needed more money and asked those who signed up to respect them. The actor also said he could not take pictures with his phone camera as he needs a quality device with good pictures and equipment to ensure his production is of the highest quality. Omosh said friends, and many of those who invited him to the party caused a relapse into alcoholism and insisted that no one had bought him alcohol.


Striking actor Omosh, born Joseph Kinuthia, has apologized to Kenyans after his lack of respect and gratitude to those who fought to make him a dream again. Omosh talking on television live about his plight.

The actress recently took to television claiming she did not have enough money to recover from her condition, urging her to pour more into her pocket and provide production equipment to live a better life. It did not impress many who took social media to condemn it. , claiming he was lost and is now on his way to apply again. In a new interview with Hiram Kamuhunjia, Omosh thanked Kenyans for their support, saying he had a huge debt that he was able to pay off, thank you very much. The comedian said people like Jalang’o played a big role in making sure he gets support, which he will remember for the rest of his life. In the interview, Omosh said he was joking to ask Kenyans for more money and did not expect it to be ruined. “It was in a light letter. You saw my interview, I’m a comedian, you know I’m an actor, an artist – a kind of TV comedian, I can say something to make you laugh, and do you like it? Forgive me, I know I hurt a lot of people,” he said.

The comedian said what had happened, and he could not go back but hoped that people would find it in their hearts to forgive him. Regarding the need for production equipment, Omosh said he could not use a mobile camera because he wanted to be very professional. Good camera and good transparency, good sound and even lighting will help a lot.

Omosh and alcoholism
The comedian revealed that he had stopped drinking, but the coronavirus epidemic brought him back to the bar without doing anything and people giving him alcohol. Omosh said that after being infected with the virus, people wanted him to attend their activities, and they would give him a court fee and end up giving him a “sugar drink”, thus ending up drunk.

“There’s this one I went to, wearing a suit, I don’t know how I ended up but at the last minute I found myself drinking and I don’t even know how I got home. I was so embarrassed because my kids had to see this,” he said. Omosh said he no longer accepted the offer because he had changed. He said he had never had a drink with his money and always received an offer from friends, who did not want to. Omosh Joins Rehab Earlier, reported that Omosh’s former colleague at Tahidi High, Kevin Onyiso, revealed the actor was ready to join and rehab and self-employment.He urged his former colleagues and friends of Omosh to gather together to support him before he left for Saturday, July 3.

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