Omtatah vows to continue with activism despite being a senator

Despite the fact that he is a chosen official, Busia Representative Okiya Omtatah has promised to keep the fire of activism alive.

In a meeting with Resident television on Wednesday, Omtatah examined his activities as an extremist coming from the theological school, turning into a minister was a fantasy he was resolved about seeking after however it won’t ever emerge.

“You know in the theological college they used to let us know that they teach us, however they additionally structure us. Thus, worry for the prosperity of others flourishes in me and particularly law and order,” he expressed.

“The force of saying no is something I treat in a serious way, since, supposing that main Adam and Eve had said no, you and I would be in heaven, Christ wouldn’t have kicked the bucket on the cross.”

Saying no and dismissing what is unfair or bothersome is essential, as Omtatah would like to think.

A file image of Omtatah
A file image of Omtatah

As per him, pioneers ought to maintain the law and reject abundances to ensure correspondence and decency in the country.

“I have consistently had the desire to express no to a point I was suspended. To express no for me is vital. In the event that I think something is off-base and I ponder it and I structure a spotless still, small voice about it I say no,” he expressed. “My activism in general is of expressing No to overabundances.”

“There is the law so submit to the law. In the event that you do illegal, for me I will say no regardless of what your identity is,” he said.

That’s what omtatah noticed, regardless of the way that opposition requires assets since it is costly, he upholds his own cases and addresses them in court all alone in light of the fact that he can’t bear to employ a legal counselor.

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“In court I draft my own pleadings and I contend them myself; I don’t employ a legal counselor since I wouldn’t, I be able to am not a legal advisor however am limited by the traditions that must be adhered to and I need to grasp that.,” he said.

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