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One of Akothee fans melts her heart with great poem.

Akothee posted in her social media accounts thanking him for building her 2020. He praised Calvin as a man full of positive powerful words and understands Akothee as he is a product of single mother.

“I got him, let me take the opportunity to thank one of my fans who built me 2020. Chilgozie wrote poems for me that melted my heart. Even the day I don’t want to read comments, I will pursue to see if Calvin’s said something. This man is full of positive powerful words he is a product of a single mother , hence he understands the journey.” Akothee posted.

Madam Boss also claimed to pray for all those who pray for her and her haters too. She explained on how words can be used to build or destroy .

“Calvin’s thank you very much, keep the positive spirit burning . I always pray for those who pray for me, and i also pray for those who wish me evil, so they can live long too. I am happy to meet you in 2021. Words can be a tool or a weapon , it depends from the source , those who utter bitter , selfish , mean words to people they don’t even know , are unhappy and evil. Those who share love and motivation to those they have never met, have their life in place and love is in their heart, even though they could be going challenges , but someone’s life doesn’t make them feel agitated. But do what makes you happy , if hating makes you happy , why not hate and achieve, if positive vibes makes you happy like Calvin Chilgozie also do it.” Akothee explained.

This whole thank you issue didn’t stop there, Chigozie Calvince Ogwendi posted later celebrating his 37th birthday today. Calvince is a gym enthusiast , sport nutritionist.

Calvince posted on why he doesn’t celebrate his birthday and keeps it private coz it same day he lost his mother and prefers to commemorate her instead.

“It’s my 37th birthday today. I always keep my birthday private because it’s the same day i lost my mom and has always preferred commemorating her instead.” Calvince posted.

He also thanked Akothee for being his friend and a blessing to him.

“I turn 37 today, I celebrate everyone who has been with me through thick and thin. A big thank you to my beautiful friend ,AKOTHEE. I dedicate this day to you. Nyar county. Thank you for the blessing and may God bless you abundantly.” HE added.

” Relationship isn’t a death sentence . If it can’t work , move out, move on and the rest will come,” Calvince advised.

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