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One person dies after receiving AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine shot in Sweden

Reports reaching our desks is that a person has died in Sweden, just about a week afte taking the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine according to the sources.

It has been reported that the person died after developing blood clots in veins and arteries and major bleeding just a week after receiving the jab , the case doctors from Sweden have called an unusual disorder.

Sweden was among the European countries that have paused the use of the specific Vaccine after an initial case of the blood clot was reported in Norway which also moved to suspend the use of the jab. The country has now said that it will extend the pause further to next week to weigh the side effects.

Other countries that had previously suspended the use of the vaccine are Romania, Thailand Italy , Iceland and Ireland.

The same vaccine is the one that is being used in Kenya and so far ,no such side effects have been reported, In Africa DR Congo is the only country that has paused using the vaccine over the fear of blood clot side effects.


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