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Online drama btwn Sue Gacambi and Samidoh’s baby mama Karen Nyamu

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Sue Gacambi, a popular entrepreneur and content producer based in the United States, has been in a heated argument online with a senator named Karen Nyamu.

The dispute started when Gacambi, a popular promoter in the entertainment industry and a close friend of singer Mugiithi Samidoh, publicly asked Nyamu to refrain from his commercial activities.

However, Gacambi did not reveal the exact comments made by Nyamu that prompted his response.

In a strongly worded message, Gacambi clearly told Nyamu to refrain from mentioning her name under any circumstances.

The online feud quickly caught the eye, attracting the attention of their followers and the general public.

Responding to Gacambi’s post, Karen Nyamu responded with a series of offensive remarks.

In one of her posts, Nyamu expressed her dismay at people living in the United States who insulted him “for using broken English”.

Nyamu ended her post with harsh words, telling one of her opponents to go insult her own wife instead.

“Enda tisha nyanya yako, kamama (Go scare your grandmother, kamama).”

This recent conflict between Gacambi and Nyamu comes after several previous conflicts involving the two public figures.

In January this year, Gacambi advised singer Mugiithi Samidoh to undergo a vasectomy to avoid future problems arising from her romantic relationship.

The advice was based on an incident in December 2022 where Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu and Nyamu had a public argument during one of his Mugithi concerts in Dubai.

As a trusted friend who supported Samidoh in his 2022 tour of the United States, Gacambi advised the musician to obey the advice of Vice President Rigathi Gachagua to face the national dramas.

In a video shared by Samidoh, Gacambi highlighted Gachagua’s advice on dealing with women’s issues.

She jokingly captioned the video with the words, “Samidoh, control these people.”

In the video, Gacambi urged Samidoh to seriously consider a vasectomy, pointing out that without taking the step she could continue to face challenges with many “young mothers”.

She expressed her intention to donate Sh200k to the case, urging Samidoh to take action for her peace of mind.

“Tame Nyamu, my friend, even if it means wearing a nose ring, don’t worry, I have Sh200k,” Gacambi said.

“Why don’t you consider having a vasectomy, my love?” Five children is enough.

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