Opposition changes tune about the BBI.

Building Bridges Initiative[BBI] is a constitutional change recommendation agreed after the famous handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga in 2018.

The two mobilized their allies to popularize the initiative. The initiative attracted some opposition from a section of leaders most of whom are those supporting the Deputy President William Ruto. This camp lamented that everyone was not involved and some sections in the document would result in Kenyans carrying a heavy wage burden and would result in over taxation. Hence came the hustlers dynasty.

The pro-BBI camp rubbished these insinuation saying that there will be no charges in the document because the Kenyans gave their views. The most vocal about this were those in the Raila Odinga’s camp.

This document has so far passed most of the required stages as per the Constitution of Kenya. It is now awaiting the approval of the Parliament inorder to be taken to Kenyans for referendum. Of late the official opposition in both houses [ODM] has been heard lamenting that some powerful people in the Government are trying to derail the actual agreement between the two principals.

They claim that Jubilee side has short changed them. Speaking during the debate on the parliamentary legal committee report on BBI. The minority leaders in the two houses were on record saying that the parliament should have power to make changes in the document other than just being the rubber stamp

The question is, all this time they had been saying that the train had left the station and can’t go back. Why do they want to make changes now? The document is leaving the Parliament to the President then to the IEBC and to the Kenyans to decide.

Do you think something is fishy here and that the opposition is being short-changed?


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