Things between Otile and Nabayet sour as they delete photos on Instagram.

It looks like things between Otile Brown and Nabayet are over. The two no longer followed each other on social media, one of the clearest indicators of isolation in the age of social media.

The two last appeared together in April when they were having a good holiday together, but since then words from the two have been rare.

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The reason seems to be that they may have been divorced, which media analysts saw when they saw the two no longer followed.

The worst part is that the couple seemed to love each other the first time they met.

If the couple were really separated, it would be a sad accusation for an R&B singer who is an expert in singing love songs.

Let’s not forget that her ex-boyfriend who slandered her, Vera Sidika, managed to move on to someone else, Brown Sales.

The couple is expecting a baby with a suitable date in a few months. Recently the couple even decided to make fun of her by posting a video of Brown singing a love song Otile wrote for Vera!

I think Otile must have been invaded. I know I would have it. We hope that the singer of “Dusuma” will hold his love scroll soon.

Because there is nothing more sad than a sad and desperate R&B singer.

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