Otile Brown speaks after his songs were deleted from YouTube.

Jacob Obunga (known as Otile Brown) is outraged after his popular songs were deleted from YouTube. The hitmaker “Dusuma” used his direct Instagram network to express his frustration after finding out the latter; that happened one day ago. After hours of ignoring the issue, Otile finally decided to speak up.


Deleted songs include Dusuma, Chaguo La Moyo, Aiyana, and Such Kinda Love. Some of these songs have received over 10 million views; which is a rare achievement for Kenyan songs.

In addition to sharing his fans on Instagram, Otile shared his feelings on his Instagram and wrote;

“There is no respect for 4 people who will deceive or make others shine .. low ish * .. however, I am currently in South Africa drinking one of the best cocktails in the world .. shaking new Verace Glasses, new balance 550 shoe, New Sweat of Zara and Gucci shoulder bag .. let’s not talk about the little chains please 😊😏 I’m losing my temper with you all… ”

Otile had to defend himself that all of this was not Kiki’s at all. He confirmed that some songs by other artists were also removed from the platform.


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