RudeBoy , P-square member, allegedly to divorce his wife Anita.

Prior to Diamond’s reign as a major MC from another African country in Kenya, a group of P-Square boys (formed by brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye) were prominent stars dominating our charts and Naija music.

The twins threw banger after banger to their fans, but their musical relationship ended abruptly after one brother’s choice for wife to leave well with the family.

Peter and Anita were reportedly married 7 years ago, but it seems that the relationship has now become a reality.

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The news from our West African brothers is that Anita filed for divorce stating the differences that could not be reconciled.

The couple dated for 10 years before their marriage and had 3 children in a relationship. Many Nigerians have commented on the news.

Some found it strange that the brother who had criticized his own brother for his choice of wife separated himself.

Some are below:

Rudeboy was opposed to his brother’s marriage to a Yoruba woman who is older than him, now his own marriage is not part of the characters .. not of the same ethnicity or age difference.

Rudeboy and his wife Anita are about to end their marriage. People end their marriage these days as if it were a romantic relationship. “

Thus, Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) and his wife are said to be getting divorced, but Peter Okoye and his wife (whose whole family was against their marriage) are still together. The irony of life.

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