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Parents to Muhoho boys students protest overpriced fees and low academic performance of the school

Parents at Muhoho Boys High School have protested against the increasingly expensive curriculum at the best performing high school in Gatundu South, Kiambu County.

Speaking to Sambazanews confidently, one of the outraged trainers expressed his fears that the current administration is launching a lucrative fundraiser in the name of tuition fees.

Anxiety intensified recently when the headmaster showed shocking levels of greed by unfairly repatriating a group of 30 fourth-year students on false allegations of academic misconduct.

During a fraudulent attempt that allegedly took place on Wednesday, May 4, parents were forced to force their children to repeat the original Form 3 class or seek relocation to another school.

There was also a third “hidden” option, in which door guards were persuaded to undermine bad governance in order to keep their young men in their positions.

A few days later, a new parenting scheme was ready.

During this time, Muhoho Boys’ High School sent a text message to Form 4 guardians, requesting immediate payment of all remaining tuition fees for non-compliant students to be returned home.

As they said, on Friday, May 6, the boys were sent home for more money.

Meanwhile, controversy has erupted over the school’s poor results at present.

Parents say despite the struggle to meet the regular and major needs, the results remain encouraging as average school scores have dropped year on year.

In part they associated this with the constant disruption of students’ learning time by bringing them home every opportunity available.

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