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Passengers struggle to escape from a burning city bus.

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A viral video shows a case of passengers trying to run for their lives after fire started in the bus they were in, in Asia. The struggle is real since most of them, almost 50 passengers fall on each other while getting out of the bus.

The cause of the fire is yet to be known, according to the clip retrieved from some CCTV camera , the bus was seen moving in narrow road where suddenly the fire started.

Fortunately, all the passengers manages to get out of the bus. Some men try to help distinguishing the fire using fire extinguisher but it seems so fierce to be put off.

The bus later explodes and nothing left to be saved. Fire extinguisher arrive at the scene when the bus is already burnt to almost completion.

The cars and other vehicles moving are seen to stop for some time at a far distance util the fire is completely put down

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