Pastor curses her congregants for not contributing on her birthday party.

A video going round online has caused a buzz after a pastor is seen cursing her congregants for not contributing for her birthday party. The female pastor by the name Pastor Cecilia , told them that they are worthless.

The pastor claimed that her congregants cannot return even a favor. Furthermore, she said that her congregants only come to her only when they need her help.

Pastor Cecilia revealed that she even lends money to her needy congregants but none of them came out for her on her big day.

Personally I feel her, human will always disappoint. The best thing to do is to serve them and wait for God not reward you and not men.

It is also a good lesson to all leaders out here, serving people putting it in my mind that when they will need men they will return the favor. But higher percentage will disappoint. It is only wise to fully put your trust in the Lord or what do you think?

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