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Pastor exposed for washing and shaving women’s private parts in his church infront of the congregation.

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A Ghanaian preacher has been chatting online for three days after a video showing him washing women in his church was leaked on social media.

In videos posted online, the unnamed preacher was also seen shaving the private parts of his church on New Year’s Eve.

According to widely circulated reports from this West African country, this “servant of God” purified women and purified them so that they could enter 2022 as blameless saints.

Videos released show believers walking in front of the church and taking off their clothes to enter the water tank. After that the preacher is seen taking a towel and starting to wash it.

Once the pastor is satisfied that the washed member is clean, he is seen taking her to another woman standing nearby who has wiped them with a dry cloth.

Some women were seen standing in front of the preacher and taking off their underwear while the preacher took a razor and shaved their genitals.

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