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Viral picture of a pastor in sacks in the mountain praying for DP Ruto.

Pictures and videos of a pastor praying for DP Ruto, the UDA Party, and all scammers across the country, have set up a website online to get a different perspective. The pastor had a picture of DP Ruto around his waist and put another picture in front of him. The pastor and other members were on the mountain praying.

The pastor was surrounded by his disciples and was on his knees praying. He was carrying a bag. He had a Bible in his right hand when he prayed. One of the church members had a white turban on his head.


The pastor praying aloud as if recorded, asking God to send his angels to protect Ruto wherever he is and to give him the strength to overcome whatever challenges he faces. He prayed for peace in Kenya and blamed Kenya for being ruled by leaders who use dark forces.

The pastor in his prayer claimed that they were driven out of the congregation and prayed on the hill because they were standing with Ruto. But the pastor vowed to stay outside with Ruto. He denied rumors that he was paid to make this prayer on the hill, saying only God had sent him there.

The pastor said that Ruto is like David in the Bible, the son of Jesse who was chosen to be king by God despite being despised. He prayed for Ruto against witchcraft and murder rumors. He also prayed for Rachel.

The pastor also said they have been doing this since last year until now. They are not crazy, they are the only people who volunteered to pray for kings like these people in the Bible. (All he said while praying)

story courtesy of Kilimani mums udaku zone. Facebook.

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