Pastor T Mwangi opposes the tradition of a man paying dowry

Life Church International evangelist Pastor T. Mwangi goes against the practice of a man paying share for a lady they plan to wed.

As indicated by Pastor T, the prerequisite of paying share is a retrogressive culture that is obsolete.

Pastor T Mwangi

He portrayed it as a type of subjection, where a man pays cash to have a lady as his significant other.

“The idea of endowment was purchasing a lady who will be in your home. That lady never had any privileges. Furthermore, you will constantly purchase that lady in the worth of her mom,” Pastor T said on the Wicked Edition.
The evangelist added that as a dad, he wouldn’t sell his little girl in return of endowment.

“I have a girl, I can’t sell my little girl, she is costly to such an extent that 99 goats that eat grass can’t trade for my little girl.”
Minister T says that he didn’t pay settlement for his better half even after a couple of parents in law constrained him to do so and, surprisingly, sent elderly folks to converse with him.
He let them know that he is from a realm that doesn’t buy individuals and doesn’t spread bondage.

“I let them know the worth of my significant other is the blood of Jesus … that blood couldn’t measure up to anything. I let them know I come to respect the guardians, the book of scriptures and even culture urges us to respect guardians.”
Minister T demands that one requirements to respect a lady’s folks and not go about as though they are getting her.
“We are best of companions and they are my folks, I don’t have to purchase the devotion of my folks,” he said.

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