Popularly Known Peddler and his wife sentenced to life imprisonment for smuggling bhang.

A court in Meru sentenced a man and his wife to life imprisonment for smuggling bhang.

James Muthiora, also known as Kaliante, and his wife Fridah Karimi were arraigned by Senior Magistrate Thomas Muraguri Mwangi of Meru Court.

The two were arrested in November 2018 along with three others who were released.

The three were Timothy Kinoti, Josphat Ekeno and Jacob Githae.

Mr Muthiora and his wife were sentenced to life imprisonment in the first case, where they were charged with conspiracy to smuggle, sell and distribute 103 kilograms of drugs, which is a market value of 3.09 million shillings.

They were also sentenced to 5 years imprisonment or pay a fine of 4.6 million shillings for possession of equipment used in the manufacture of drugs contrary to Section 5 (1) (d) drugs and psychological substances contrary to Act No. 4 of 1994.


The instruments included a standard believed to be used to measure marijuana sativa.

They had, however, been released for being in a house visited by people for the purpose of using drugs contrary to Article 5.

Their lawyer, Mr Kiogora Mugambi, expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision, saying there was no substantial evidence that the judge was relying on his decision.

“As part of the defense, we will go to the High Court for further payment. We believe that the evidence presented in court was not sufficient to justify such a decision,” Mr Mugambi said, adding that it was their right, under the constitution, to appeal to the Supreme Court the lower court’s decision on the case.

He also called prison sentences harsh and excessive according to the evidence presented in court.

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