“People ask how I come up with my songs, I will say hakuna formula,” Jua Cali says.

Jua cali posted in his social media page explaining on how he meet with Komanda and came up with a great collabo song Chafuzi.


Jua cali says they met with him in a funny way, as he was in the middle of recording his Chafuzi song , and they were introduced to each other by mavo in the studio. Jua cali asked Komanda to help him with the second chorus and within 15 minutes he was done.

“Do good and good things will come back to you…. Huyu msanii anaitwa Komanda and its very intresting how we met. He came to the studio in the middle of the Chafuzi recording session, I was finishing up on my 1st verse and I asked Mavo who is this ? He told me ; huyu ni bro wangu mdogo na ni msanii: I was like oh! we ni msanii? na need verse ya pili hapa mtu wangu changamka!!! He heard the concept of the song and started writting his verse hapo. within 15 minutes he was done and recorded it and I must admits it a dope song.” Jua cali posted.

He also added that he often get questions on how he comes up with his songs , but there is no formula, all he has to have is the concept of what he wants to sing and everything else flows.

“so many people always ask how do you come up with your songs? I will say hakuna formula, kama hii Chafuzi I had the concept in my head but we worked everything on the fly I had no idea I would meet Komanda never heard of him but vile nilimwona I had faith in him atadeliver.” He posted.

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