People will realize you were the problem; Samidoh and Karen exchange cryptic messages on social media

Things are not going well between Samidoh and the baby’s mother Karen Nyamu. The rumors that the two were separated three months ago seem to be true.

On Valentine’s Day, Samidoh did not wish his wife Edday or baby mother a Happy Valentine’s Day. Nyamu received a yellow flower from an unidentified man who only identified him as Mjaluo.

The energetic mother shared photos of the flowers on her social media, praising Luo men for their love.

Nyamu and Samidoh are fighting

On February 15, 2022, Nyamu shared a TikTok lip-smacking video with the famous voice of a man talking about bad relationships with divorced people.

“I never understood. You break up with a woman and then you tell people how she was. ‘We never helped each other, she never loved me and she never did me any harm.’ .

The loud politician continued:

“But after a while you see her beautiful and radiant then she gets rich but for you life gets worse and people start to see you as the problem. Oo God of men remember those dumped men. they. “

Nyamu’s fans were in no hurry to judge, and many thought he was shooting at the father of his second child.

A few hours after Nyamu’s message, a police officer who is a musician who turned out to be a musician Samidoh shared a covert message hiding his young mother.

Samidoh posted a video of smoothing lips on the song of the late Sam Kinuthia (Ndikurera Shifta).

The song is about a man who loved his wife but left her for another man, but was not pleased when he returned.

“I kept quiet despite what you said… it was like a love affair… when my heart recovered, you thought we could get back together.”

The song further describes how the woman became pregnant by another man (Somali) who named the child (Shifta) by the name of her husband’s mother.

“Three months after my departure you separated our land and allowed the animal to enter, now you are clenching your teeth saying sorry. You are not ashamed that you gave birth to a Somali child and then gave it my mother’s name, when I asked you you said I was following your mother, Kinuthia will not raise Shifta,” she sings.

Samidoh’s video left the language shaking as fans claimed he was trying to disclose his alleged failed relationship with Nyamu.

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