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Personal Doctor to Former President Kibaki, Dr. Gikoyo reveals the health status of Kibaki before his death

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Former President Mwai Kibaki lived 91 years. His death shocked many who saw him as a leader. Mwai Kibaki was highly regarded by his personal doctor, Dr. Dan Gikonyo of Karen Hospital.

He went on to say that he and Kibaki had been in a personal relationship since the day he had an accident during the 2002 general election. hard.

Speaking to Lilian Muli of Citizen Tv, Gikonyo said the former leader of the country was a kind man who was always ready to compromise if necessary. He said that during his tenure, he ensured that more than one million children went to school and also created jobs for young people.

In his words, Gikonyo said that Kibaki never drank alcohol even one day, he practiced healthy habits every day and that is how he was able to live for more than ninety years. He also said that Kibaki died of old age and was grateful for the years he had taken care of him.

“He never drank alcohol and exercised every day.” Gikonyo said.

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