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Peter Blessings back to being a watchman.

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Upcoming gospel artiste Peter Blessing is now working as a watchman. The young man returned to his old job after things with his former boss Bahati became difficult.

In an interview with broadcaster Ali, Blessing hopes to bring back the right people to support his music.

“I had a challenge in music, you can’t tell everyone you have a problem or ask friends, so you have to find something so you don’t go hungry,” he said.

Blessing says it was not easy to return to his old job, after a period of fame and interactions with big names in the music industry.

“It was not easy to go back to my old job. I reached a point that was not easy. Some people see me and wonder if it is me (doing this job),” he said. – he adds.

His downfall started after he started having problems with Bahati who signed him to his music label. Bahati claimed that Blessing owes 2 million shillings, which caused him to be jailed.

Producer Paulo was alleged to have stolen Bahati studio equipment while Peter Blessing was arrested for allegedly stealing 2 million shillings from the gospel singer.

In an interview with local radio, the young man admitted that Luck and Weezdom had hurt him a lot.

“I will continue to work with them. They are my brothers. They made me go from being a soldier to being an artist… I respect Bahati and I have no problem with him,” Peter said.

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“He may feel bad that I am missing, but only God knows my future. I am a Christian and it hurts but humans make mistakes. I ask that he forgive me if I was wrong and forgive him for what he did to me.

A photo file of Peter Blessings and Bahati
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