TECNO launches PHANTOM X as brand new flagship featuring elegant design and extraordinary camera Technology.


2021 sees TECNO (www.TECNO-Mobile.com) elevating itself to new heights by announcing a brand new mobile phone, PHANTOM X. Launched on July 1, 2021, PHANTOM X has a beautiful 3D unlimited 3D display and back cover of silk glass of the first industry. . Combined with 50MP night camera and 1 / 1.3 wide-angle camera, 48MP selfie camera with 105 ° wide angle, not to mention high-end AI-assisted night and 50mm gold image. a big jump in camera performance. Powered by 4700mAh, 256G + 8G large memory and the new HiOS 7.6 system, PHANTOM X enables and supports every experience in your life and work.

Dedicated to bringing new and amazing innovations to users in the design, technology and full user experience, PHANTOM X enables users to feel better throughout their lives. PHANTOM X will be available in two artistic colors: Starry Night and Van Gogh and Summer by Monet.

Customers can access PHANTOM X via the exclusive online website www.mobile-PHANTOM.com and purchase from TECNO stores in Africa and other countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Colombia and more.

“We are proud to present the new PHANTOM X. It is a great start that includes TECNO’s vision, including updating the new consumer audience,” said Stephen Ha, CEO of TECNO, “PHANTOM X is not” not just a new innovative smartphone; enables the amazing modern lifestyle of the people to dare to reject the common, always striving to succeed and to be eager to reach new heights. With this in mind, we intend to continue to interfere with the product and design. creativity, as we did with PHANTOM X. ”

The incredible beauty of the structure
The PHANTOM X is equipped with a unique 3D boundary display, connected by a unique arc structure at right angles of 36.5 ° to allow for smooth grip. The first 6.7-inch screen provides a great experience for videos and games. Until, the 3D boundary display has an angle of up to 70 °, allowing text and images to blend seamlessly with the edges of the device without end. The best projects to show AMOLED a balanced, fluid view of the world around you.

The new PHANTOM X offers the industry’s first painted glass surface. The creative silk glass is based on a series of complex testing and manufacturing processes, ultimately creating an elegant touch of “silk flavor” and “glossy glass”. The wonderfully drawn text design has refined vertical lines, delivering pure artistic expression based on fine art.

PHANTOM X released two common colors: Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer. Van Gogh’s Starry Night presents an amazing star-studded sky festival. Monet Summer is a colorful and fun color show. Both are perfect options for researchers and inventors.

Unusual pleasure of technology

Good camera performance
The powerful camera system of the PHANTOM X device has three rear cameras and two front cameras. The PHANTOM X features a 50MP overnight camera with 1 / 1.3 inch wide sensors, which makes it easy to take sharp and professional photos. The 50MP Ultra-Night camera with 1 / 1.3 inch Ultra-Large sensor can absorb 33% more light from the outside environment compared to the 108MP camera with a 1/1 sensor, 5 inches. And a wide range of ISO with less noise, better exposure, users have the opportunity to capture an unexpected beauty with a pixel size of 2.4m in 4 by 1 conditions, without having to sacrifice imagery even under difficult lighting conditions.

Consider taking a selfie with the PH MPOM X’s explicit 48-point camera, you can capture all the details like: clear skin tone, sharp facial expressions and even a sharp smile. Ideal for personal and group photographs with a 105 ° wide angle supported by AI. Despite the personal preferences of the algorithm converter, when multiple faces are detected, the selfie camera automatically directs users to switch to wide-angle photography mode to meet the needs of those multi-component images.

PHANTOM X, with 50 large lens


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