Photo of a boy hanging  onto a lorry to reach to school warms the hearts of Netizens.

A picture of a young boy walking to school hanging from a truck touched the hearts of many on social media

In a photo shared on Twitter by Roads Alerts, a well-dressed student is seen holding a door frame behind the body.

On the boy’s back was his school bag.

picture he of the boy

Kenyans on Twitter noticed that the boy faced all the challenges to get an education.

“His vision of getting out of his way to get the education he needs most is an indication that he will be a bright person in the future and has a good chance of success in life. One way or another,” King Mwangi said.

“Ameamua liwe liwalo lazima apigwe viboko na mwalimu (He is has decided to be in school no matter the circumstances),” said John Omido.

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