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Photos: I wish I met you earlier challenge.

There has been an ongoing challenge in the social media of people sharing their pictures of their old selves,

So many have known celebrities have participated in this challenge leaving everyone motivated to keep a positive attitude of over the future.

The purpose of the change is to give a clear image of a humble beginning and keep motivated to keep pushing.

Here is a combination of different pictures of old self and current self:

[Dj Kalonje]
Diana Marua [ Wife to Bahati]
[Rue Baby, Kenyan fashion model and daughter to Akothee]

Churchill who is doing so well in the entertainment industry.

[Cuurentself of churchill]
[Old self churchil]

Kabi WaJesus, youtuber .

[old self Kabi WaJesus]
[current self Kabi Wajesus]

Betty Kyalo, who has got a name in the media and also an enterpreneur.

[old self Betty Kyallo]
[current self Betty Kyallo]

Many more were posted but we choose a few….

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