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PHOTOS:Madiba proposes to his girlfriend Nana during his birthday dinner party

Today we celebrate the love life between Jackie Matubia aka Nana and Blessing Lung’aho aka Madiba from the popular TV drama, Zora, which is aired on Citizen TV every weekday. They were all part of the show and played a different role where Nana was the assistant actress while Madiba was the main actor.

After the show ended, Nana emerged and announced that she was expecting a baby with Madiba via a tiktok video on her Instagram account. The news was received with great love by his fans.

After some time, she revealed that she and Madiba were in a romantic relationship and were expecting her baby. The two have been living together for a long time and can be seen dating on different dates and occasions.

Yesterday was Madiba’s birthday and Nana decided to give her husband a good dinner without knowing what was waiting for her.

Madiba had planned a proposal at the restaurant where they had to have dinner with a few of their friends to make it more special to him. Madiba knelt down and kissed Nana which she happily agreed to have with her close friend all her life.

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