Piers Morgan the bully.

Piers Morgan , English journalist and broadcaster has been on the headlines for making news instead of telling the news. This all started when he commented on the former royal’s Harry and Meghan interview claiming their story of racism amongst the royal family and suicidal thoughts Meghan had suffered from was nothing but a sham.

He further claimed that this claims only dented the image of the of the royal family to the world and he has never backed down from his claims. He was even fired from the morning he used to host coz of this.

Well, he is back again making the news after critiquing Naomi Osaka , Japanese world number two, after she refused to speak to the Press at the French open. Naomi claims she is protecting jer mental health after suffering after a while.

The English reporter attacked her calling her a brat for her behavior.

So many celebrities have come out to speak about their mental illness and people have a an effect to the society like Piers instead of using their mandate / powers to help in healing , he is the first to mock the people and making their healing process difficult. He should be stopped.

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