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Pipeline residents ask for help to fight Mungiki.

The Mungiki group was known to be disturbing the country some years ago and later went silent after some of them started being wiped out in the country by police forces.

The group has now started resurfacing to its previous actions as residents of Pipeline Nairobi are crying for help because of what the dangerous group is making them go through. It is said that the group targets small businesses , especially vendors along the area.

Residents sent their cries to killer cop Saigon punisher James saying that the group always harasses them unless you give them cash . One complain was that they can take anything from your business and there is nothing you can do because they have numbers.

If you are willing to open any small business that requires a small shade[Kibanda] you have to give them at least kshs, 5000 for you to continue with your business unless they will demolish it as you are watching.

It is therefore a public outcry to the national government together with the area police officers to look into the matter so that residents of Pipeline Embakasi can come out of their suffering.

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