“Please consider students and give them 72hours to get home, “University presidents’ council pleads.

Due to the new rise of Covid=19 numbers and the third wave of the disease, the President yesterday gave new measures to cab the disease. Uhuru locked down parts of the country that are mostly affected by the disease. The president announced a cessation of movement by air, road and railway in and out of Nairobi, Kiambu , Nakuru and others.

The president also suspended the ongoing physical learning in all institutions including universities, TVETs and Vocational colleges except candidates sitting for their National Examinations and those in medical training institutions.

There have been a worry as campus students are wondering how they will get home with the cessation of transport in the zoned areas.

Through the online meeting conducted by UPC they urged he president to atleast consider the students and let them travel to their homes within 72hours.

The memo also requested the president may to allow the students to use their school identifications Cards for those who has to by-pass the locked counties.

There was also a concern by the UPC so that the president may re-consider the students who are in their fourth year in their last semester to be allowed to sit for their exams with strict adherence of the Covid-19 measures.

[photo courtesy/ opera news]

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