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PLO Lumumba: it takes 18 months to improve economy, treason awaits Raila.

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The famous lawyer PLO Lumumba claimed that Ruto’s administration is still unstable and that it will take time for Kenya’s First government to revive the economy.

According to the PLO, Ruto will need at least three years to stabilize the economy before Kenyans can reap its benefits, such as a lower cost of living.

“It takes 18 months for any administration to settle… It will take this economy at least three years before we start seeing dividends, and that’s holding all things equal,” Lumumba said during the meeting. TV.

Plo lUMUMBA AND Raila Odinga

The PLO said the Unity Declaration team led by Raila Odinga was wrong to call for drastic measures to be taken against the rising cost of living, saying that even the ODM chief would not improve the economy if he won the 2022 presidential election.

“The economy will not improve in the next two years, even if Raila becomes president,” he argued.

Treason awaits Raila

Lumumba criticized Azimio supporters for trying to invade Kisumu State Lodge.

According to Lumumba, if what was seen in Kisumu is what will happen on March 20, then the ODM leader is trying to overthrow the government, a move he called betrayal.

“You saw what happened in Kisumu; if that is what will happen on the 20th, I dare to say that the opposition led by Raila Odinga is saying that it will overthrow the government of the Republic of Kenya and that is betrayal,” Lumumba said. Wednesday, March 15.
At the same time, the former chairman of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has warned the former prime minister that he is in danger of losing his reform credentials if he allows the protests to descend into chaos.

“If Raila reached Ruto, history would remember him with strong emotions, but if there is bloodshed on the 20th, history will forget all he did and remember him. He for one thing, that he was in the front line. The destruction of his country,” he noted.

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