Nairobi High Courts ban the police from arresting Nelson Havi, LSK president.

Nairobi High Court has warned the police against arresting or prosecuting Kenya Law Society (LSK) President Nelson Havi for allegedly assaulting the company’s CEO Mercy Wambua.

Judge Jairus Ngaah has defended Mr Havi against impending charges during the ongoing dispute between him and Ms Wambua.

Havi took the matter to the High Court after Wambua filed a complaint that he was assaulted during a meeting of the LSK Council held on July 12, 2021 at the LSK offices in Nairobi.

Attorney Brian Khaemba, who represents Havi, told the court his client was arrested in his office on Tuesday without notice or explanation of what he had done.

“Prior to their arrest, the defendants had not submitted any calls or notices to the applicant who required his presence anywhere appropriate, either to provide clarification, to answer questions or to assist in any criminal or other investigation.” Bw. Khaemba said. mentioned.

According to Havi, he discovered allegations of Wambua attack from the media. He said the media reported that the CEO reported to the Muthangari police station.

“The petitioner has good reason to believe that the respondents acted on the basis of Ms. Wambua’s unconfirmed and defamatory statements to the media in order to make the arrest of her person illegal,” Khaemba said.

“The complainant has a reasonable fear that the respondents intend to publicly ridicule him, humiliate him and hate him by arresting him without justification because of the rumors and rhetoric prevalent in the media and in the absence of any solid criminal evidence the applicant,” he said.


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