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Police defend their colleague involved in a confrontation with activist Boniface Mwangi..

Police have come out to defend their colleagues who were involved in a major confrontation with activist Boniface Mwangi in Nairobi.

National Police Service spokesman Bruno Shioso said Mwangi tried to prevent on-duty police officers from arresting several criminals at the Pension Lights on Friday.

The altercation was shot.

He added that the service was also investigating whether the activist had violated the law and barred law enforcement officers with the aim of facilitating the escape of arrested criminals or intimidating officers in the process. ‘Exercise of their legal responsibilities.


Shioso said police in the video were fulfilling their legal obligations to assist Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials to carry out Nairobi County Government / Metropolitan Government revenue collection responsibilities under their jurisdiction in accordance with the agreement between two legal entities. . both with revenue collection authority.

Mwangi demanded that the officers produce their IDs despite the fact that the officers were wearing their official uniforms and were in official possession.

“Although the exercise took place in broad daylight and in the open field some criminals have already been arrested by the enforcement team,” Shioso said on Saturday.

He denied allegations that GSU officers attacked the activist, who claimed to have received bruises and a broken phone as a result of the altercation.

“Towards the end of the debate, the activist can be clearly seen running, falling to the ground alone and kicking in the air. He is surrounded by officers who are trying to stop him or block him.

“The activist in question was not attacked but caused unnecessary drama by running and throwing himself on the ground to cause violence which was supposed to help escape the arrested offenders,” he said.

Mwangi alleged that several youths accompanied by GSU officers entered his barber shop on Friday and arrested the recipient.

“We asked them to identify themselves, they said they were from KRA but they did not have an ID. We asked them to call the person who had the ID, “Mwangi said.

“Because I recorded them, the GSU officers wanted to take my phone, I refused and in my attempt to escape, I fell. They arrested me and beat me. Even after being beaten, I did not put my phone back.

Mwangi said he has since reported the case to the central police station and the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA).

The KRA said all their employees should always provide identification before entering the business premises.

“Our attention is drawn to the tweet below. Please note that all KRA employees on duty must provide identification before entering your premises. In addition, we urge the public to use #Thibitisha KRA staff to use our fraud detection system,” the authorities sent a message. by tweet.

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