Police officer who shot his boss arrested.

A police officer from Naivasha who shot his boss, shortly after being reprimanded for being late for work by a drunkard, has been arrested.
According to County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri, he was arrested at a recreation center in Nakuru West after detectives used his mobile phone to search for him.

“he will be transported to Naivasha for further interviews,” Ms Kiraguri said.

The officer is expected to show detectives where he hid the G3 rifle he used to kill his boss before escaping from the shooting scene.

An official police report says the officer, Joseph Muthunga, arrived on duty at Kedong Ranch in Naivasha late and appeared to be intoxicated.

He was outraged by the officer in charge of the camp, Senior Sergeant Ayub Polo, when he accused him of being late.

“The suspect arrived at the camp drunk and angry when asked about his behavior by his older brother,” Naivasha County Deputy Commissioner Kisilu Mutua said.

The officer reportedly shot his boss five times, killing him on the spot. At the scene, police found five empty 7.62mm cartoons.

According to Mr Mutua, the suspect escaped immediately.

He will be arraigned in court as soon as the investigation is completed.

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