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Police Officer whose ear was bitten off by a woman set to undergo reconstructive surgery.

A police officer identified as sergeant Moses is set to undergo a reconstructive surgery at Nairobi West Hospital after a woman attacked him biting off his right ear.

According to the sources, the officer was in a company of hiss colleagues when they came across a woman walking past curfew hours.

courtesy operanews.

Despite the fact that the police officer never used force or harassed her, the woman, who is stll yet unknown didn’t want to be questioned.

A war of words ensued between the two that led to the woman jumping at the officer before biting his right year, cutting it off completely.

Seeing that she had just injured the officer, she took off and disappeared towards the river bordering Langata and Kibera.

The sergeant picked up his ear before proceeding to the Nairobi West Hospital where he has been under medication.

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