Police respond to the viral video of mother and son beaten by in-laws

Police have condemned the violence against a middle-aged woman and her son by unknown assailants believed to be her in-laws.

As can be seen in the gruesome video, a woman known as Mama Kwamboka and her son Alfred are regularly flogged and allegedly beaten with sticks, begging for mercy.

Going on social media, the National Police Service said abusing the two men for any reason was wrong, illegal and brutal.

Police have insisted that there are legal procedures in place to resolve conflicts between people without violence.

here is the link to the viral video: https://youtu.be/UmV4jdx5ddo

“The NPS joins angry Kenyans in condemning the baseless violence against the two. The rule of law should always prevail against sectarian rule in all circumstances,” police said.

Police added that a local police officer is handling the case and will share his findings in a timely manner.

Woman accused of abuse

In the video, the poor woman begs for help, asking people, who are watching from a distance, to come and help her.

It was reported that she was trying to protect her son who was being beaten by the men before they turned on her.

While speaking in the Dholuo dialect, an elder who repeatedly attacked the victim, accused her of insulting his brother and of disrespecting him.

Spectators, unmoved by the woman’s bitter cries, said she also stripped her naked, which is considered a taboo in the Luo community.

“Just kill me. Catch him. Help me. You’re killing me. You ordered me to leave, I’m leaving now,” the grandmother said bitterly.

On the way to the house, the assailant demanded that one of the men go and close the door behind him.

As previously reported, City Attorney Steve Ogolla rescued Mama Kwamboka and her son Alfred.

Speaking to social media, Ogolla said the woman was in severe pain and needed immediate treatment. She gave him KShs 50,000 for treatment.

He promised to provide legal assistance before the hearing and follow up on the case to ensure Mama Kwamboka and her son get justice.

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