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Police undercover banned : Cops must always be in uniform when in the line of duty.

Nairobi police have issued an order that shakes the backs of corrupt police.

The goal is to clean up power, to end widespread extortion, violence, violence, theft and worse.

Nairobi Police Chief Augustine Nthumbi issued the order to control police crimes on Monday and warned that violators would be severely punished.


He said on Wednesday that the sweeping decision was taken in response to complaints from citizens about police harassment, extortion, violence, theft and other offenses.

Prohibited corpses:

Use of private vehicles and vehicles that are not marked by police; Probox cars were popular.

Patrol or all activities outside Nairobi, their area of ​​jurisdiction.

Arbitrary arrests and searches of bars, unless police are wearing Persian uniforms and under the orders of a police inspector.

No civilians, mandatory uniforms.

“Strict ministerial action will be taken against anyone who violates this directive,” Nthumbi said in a letter.

Local police residents said the move was aimed at widespread fraud, brutality, theft and even indiscriminate killings.

“The use of these vehicles [unmarked, personal] by officers dressed in civilian clothes is now prohibited and, therefore, will be considered illegal operation and extortion, which are criminal,” said the police chief.

The order said not all officers would be allowed to raid bars, inspect business licenses and arrest.

For example, the directive stated that Jungle Uniformed Rapid Response (QRU) officers would not be allowed to arrest or visit bars and restaurants.

“The police must be done professionally. Station commanders must be prepared to explain why private vehicles are used in police matters, ”the commander added.

He said some officials used the measures brought in good faith and used them to humiliate the public who had vowed to protect.

Some licensed police units may use private or unmarked vehicles in their investigation for safety reasons. They prevent their detection, ensure their safety and improve their investigation.

The Interior Unit has received several complaints from police raiding bars and harassing customers, sometimes citing violations of Covid-19 protocols for concealment and isolation.

For example, on August 11, officers from the Karen Police Station raided a restaurant at the Karen Station.

They were caught on CCTV collecting alcohol from a shelf and then claiming to be exhibitors.

Police have been charged with abuse of power, which has sometimes resulted in death.

Some agents move from their authority to others for illegal activities. The rules require commanders in Nairobi and other authorities to be notified in advance to avoid conflicts and confusion.

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