Popular Kikuyu comedian Muthee Kiengei looses his father .

According to the latest news, popular musician and comedian Muthee Kiengei has lost his father.

According to preliminary reports, Kiengei’s father was hospitalized a few days after he fell ill, Kiengei urged all Kenyans to pray for his father several nights ago.

In a sad statement from the famous journalist, he could not hide his tears after being told about his father’s death.

Several months ago, a television and radio reporter Kameme gave his father a luxury prado that he had to use when he visited the village.

It’s a saddening state since Kiengei had also lost gis mom in his early childhood

Many on the internet sent their condolences to the famous journalist.

Kiengei and his father Watoria


Sally … Sorry, peace be with you, God wipe away your tears, a miracle is happening, believe me.

Gitau … Pole. May God give you peace for whatever you are going through

Simon … Anyone who can come to Muthee Kiengei Wa Tatoria calls and prays with him, his relatives and those around him hug him and speak words of encouragement … He may be a pastor but your prayers would strengthen him.

Tabitha … The peace of God that excels all human thought be upon you

Kairu .. My sincere apologies to you pastor .. have peace

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