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Popular Kwara-Kwara Pokot dance has been banned for increasing sexual drive among youths.

The national government has banned a traditional dance called Kwara Kwara in Kacheliba Sub-County, West Pokot County, which is responsible for an increase in cases of early pregnancy and marriage.

Speaking in the Kodich region, Kacheliba County Deputy Commissioner Kennedy Kiprop immediately banned the dances, calling them catalysts for a large number of pregnancies and early marriages in the region.

“There is this new dance called Kwara Kwara which is popular among young people and which has led to immorality among them. I block it with immediate effect. All cooks and their assistants should whip up and arrest those who violate the ban, ”Kiprop said.


The superintendent also noted that due to the popularity of the dance, the number of girls dropping out of school has increased dramatically due to teenage pregnancies leading to their early marriages.

“I urge you locals not to allow rural youth to do this dance as it greatly damages the success we have had in educating our children, especially girls,” Kiprop said.

He further added that the county had succeeded in ensuring a 98% change from primary to secondary for all school children.

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