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Popular TikTok star Oscar Brown dies after being poisoned by a Friend

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The famous TikTok star and brand designer, Oscar Brown is dead. He died on Monday May 23 in Asaba, Delta State.

According to his friends, the content producer was poisoned to death by a close friend.

Announcing his death, one of his closest friends said he had been poisoned early but survived, and re-injected the poison that caused his death.

The actor was hospitalized after being poisoned at a party.

Speaking openly, Mr Ibu said he had been poisoned for the third time in about three years.

He made the remarks while speaking to Saturday Beats from his hospital bed, Mr. Ibu said those who hated him were following him for life

He said, “I have been poisoned again. It seems that my enemies are using me repeatedly (their power). This time I was not poisoned in the village. I was poisoned in Abuja last week at an entertainment event. I can’t really describe how I was poisoned because it was a crowd, even though it wasn’t a big event. “

Seemingly weak, the actor assured the audience that he was recovering well. He said: “I am recovering well, although I have not been working or driving since I became ill. However, I plan to go for a walk (Friday) this evening, as I hope I will get better. I’m eating well now and I’m ready to go back in time. “

Mr Ibu blew up those who asked for money on his behalf without his consent. He added: “Some people sold me. They don’t listen to me and all they want to do is ‘sell’ me. But, their plans will not work because God told me, he raised me up. I am not asking for anyone. Money.”

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