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Popular tiktoker cooks bat and eats

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Aq9ine a well known food blogger has this time stretched the limits way, excessively far.
He got a bat, tossed it into a hot sufuria and soaked it with water. Tiktokers brought up that the bat wasn’t as yet even dead when it was tossed into the hot sufuria.

At any rate, Aq9ine then, at that point, makes his crowd through a stride by-step cycle of searing the bat with oil and different flavors.
In the directions, Aq9ine plugs a paybill number to however credit for both Safaricom and Airtel lines.

Aq9ine who likewise calls himself the King of Muguka is known for cooking ugali utilizing different soft drink rands and afterward adding Muguka leaves for taste.
He reported that after effectively cooking the bat, his next food will remember an informative video for how to cook a rodent.

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