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Poverty and unemployment spike across Afghanistan after Taliban takeover.

Members of the public said economic pressure on Afghanistan’s Islamic State (IEA), rising food and fuel prices and a lack of access to finance had led to serious problems.

The people called on the international community to speed up the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.


“If help comes, it’s fine, because people are unhappy and prices have gone up,” said Zamari, a Kabul resident.

The international community has stated that despite economic pressure from the IEA, drought is another major threat to millions of Afghans.

On the other hand, some are optimistic about their future and say that one day Afghanistan will overcome all its problems.

“People’s problems have increased. But we need to be patient. Allah is merciful, ”said Mohammad Baqi, a resident of Kabul.

“Problems will be resolved InshAllah (God willing). Prices will go down,” said Abdullah, another Kabul resident.

IEA officials have confirmed that economic pressure is a challenge, but say it will be short-lived and will be resolved in the near future.

It comes amid obstacles and the closure of all Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves as well as a severe shortage of money in the country.

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