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Prayer is key to being rich : Former Altar Boy Atwoli states.

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The energetic member joined the staff at the Thanksgiving Workers’ Day at St Stephen ACK along Rooster Road on Sunday.

The day is celebrated annually before the celebration of Labor Day.

The event was a great opportunity for Atwoli to reflect on the life that has been for him.

Given his political stance, his attitude toward corruption and prosperity to the extent that his religious history shaped his success, here is part of his story:

“I said it over and over, you know what I stand for and what I love.

As an elder in this country, you know my position, please listen to me.

Remember me. Ponder over what I am saying and evaluate and ask whose hands we are safe? Or in whose hands do we remain safe?

The choices we make have consequences.

As a church we should continue to pray for the corrupt and the thieves so that they too may change.

We need to keep in mind that by working hard you can always be rich.

You can be rich with your salary.

I have worked from June 2, 1967 to the present, and what I have I can count.

I wake up early in the morning at 5pm to be in the office to work because I believe in service delivery.

If you have been offered a job, do it well. No small or big job.

You can still get rich without engaging in fraudulent tenders and purchases where people lose billions of tax dollars.

If we fail to eradicate corruption in this country, then the country will gain rebirth, this is how God works.

This is what will happen if we do not listen to those church leaders who preach against theft and corruption.

Rebirth is more painful than ending corruption and if you want to know how it hurts, check out what’s going on in Eastern Europe, Ukraine or find someone who was in Kigali, Rwanda, in 1994.

There are no shortcuts to getting rich.

Prayer is the key to maintaining and maintaining a peaceful society, a society of faithful people.

As a young man serving as an altar boy, I asked God for one thing; poverty to leave me.

I was praying for this so that my family and my people would not suffer. I clung to my rosary and God answered me.

God blessed me.

I could feed myself until I go to the grave because I prayed to God for this.

You just pray!

Live by prayer and everything you will be given.” He briefed

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