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Pregnant? Elsa Majimbo flaunts a baby bump

Kenyan comic and virtual entertainment powerhouse Elsa Majimbo has given a clue that she could at last be inviting her dear baby in the following couple of months. The 21 year old is known far and wide for her performance and brief entertaining plays the vast majority of them being mocking proclamations.

Elsa shared through her tiktok a short clasp scouring her tummy, which is prominently greater than expected, as she grinned along. The child knock is notwithstanding, still youthful, and the entertainer is yet to affirm whether she’s for sure pregnant or it’s everything for clout. The video roped in requests from her enormous number of fans, who were considerably more anxious to know who the dad of the unborn kid is. Obviously, she’s hesitant to uncover something very similar.

A file image of Elsa Majimbo
A file image of Elsa Majimbo

Elsa Majimbo is one to keep her affection life off virtual entertainment. Not much is realized about who she’s dating, or rather, who she has been dating. All we can perceive is she’s currently pregnant-and getting pregnant means there was a man behind it-except if she went for IUI(intrauterine insemination) or something like that.

Taking into account how foremost this issue is, the 21 year old will need to answer on whether she’s to be sure pregnant.

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