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President Biden appoints first openly gay woman as press secretary

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President Joe Biden has appointed Karine Jean-Pierre as his new chief spokesman – whether for the first time for a black person or in public to hold the post.

Ms. Jean-Pierre, 44, has been the deputy secretary general of the administration since Mr. Biden elected. A replacement for retired broadcaster Jen Psaki, 43, in the leadership position next week.

The secretaries of the press and the daily press conference are the White House minister, the prime minister whose role is the highest level of responsibility.

Ms. Psaki works at MSNBC's left cable news station. On Twitter, his successor is a "wonderful woman" and a "moral foundation". "I can't wait to see her shine as she brings her own style, sparkle and grace to the play," he said.

The Secretary-General of the White House Information Minister is the epitome of presidential rule for the national media and, in extension, for the country and the world.

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