President elect William Ruto reveals he talked to Raila before going to Bomas

President-elect William Ruto has uncovered that he addressed the Azimio applicant Raila Odinga before he was proclaimed the victor of the August 9 General Election.

Talking during a meeting at the Bomas of Kenya on Monday, August 15, Ruto expressed that he settled on a telephone decision to Raila in the first part of the day and had a conversation on how they would push the nation ahead.

“Perhaps I ought to unveil that earlier today I called my rival, Raila Odinga and we concurred no matter what the result of the decisions, we ought to have a discussion,” Ruto expressed.

A file image of William Ruto
A file image of William Ruto

“He had presented in his proclamation in Kasarani that he would be accessible for a handshake and I said that I will be accessible as far as we’re concerned to have some tea since there are regions we can settle on pushing the nation ahead,” he added.

He anyway repeated his prior stand that he didn’t have confidence in the handshake, refering to the weaknesses he encountered in his administration with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“With regards to we who will be running the chief, I am certain my rival and his group will take up their job as the resistance, so we can perceive how we can move the country,” the duly elected president avowed.

The active Deputy President brought up that he trusted in an administration that is clear of its order with next to no impedance.

Nonetheless, he noticed that his administration would be a comprehensive one, and will serve all Kenyans no matter what their political inclining.

While conceding that he had not conversed with President Uhuru, he repeated that a gathering between them was inescapable.

“I’m certain sooner or later tonight or tomorrow (Tuesday) we will have a discussion. I’m the duly elected president and there must be a change. In that change there will be a discussion,” Ruto confirmed.

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