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President Ruto reveals Uhuru’s new job

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President William Ruto has declared that resigned President Uhuru Kenyatta will keep leading the area’s tranquility drives.

Talking during his lady address as head of state at Kasarani, Ruto said Uhuru had consented to proceed with the missions in his retirement.

He noticed that the previous President had done well in guaranteeing there was harmony withing the area.

“On harmony drive in our area, in Ethiopia and the Incomparable Lakes district, I have asked my senior sibling President Uhuru Kenyatta who has done lauded capable commitment with those locales and he has charitably consented to keep leading those conversation for the Public authority of Kenya,” Ruto said.

A file image of President Ruto and Uhuru
A file image of President Ruto and Uhuru

The fifth president said he was focused on supporting the harmony drives.

He additionally said thanks to Uhuru for consenting to address the country.

“I have committed that the Govt of Kenya will uphold those inititaives that will be led by President Uhuru Kenyatta. I need to thank you Uhuru Kenyatta for consenting to help us and to help me in those intercessions.”

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