President Samia and Uhuru Kenyatta , end their rivals.

Suluhu began by awarding Uhuru 20 Korongo (Heron) birds as a gift for Christmas, emphasizing the long-standing unity and cooperation of Kenya and Tanzania in the sectors of tourism, energy, border conservation and health.

For her part, she asked Uhuru to allow rhinos in Tanzania to breed with those of Kenya, as her country has only two rhinos without a mate.

“I am pleased to present the certificate of 20 planes to President Uhuru Kenyatta who will be flown to Kenya’s parks. They will arrive before Christmas as a holiday gift from Tanzania.

“But I also took the opportunity to tell him (President Uhuru) that my Ngorongoro and Serengeti parks have only two male rhinos, no mates.

She added that Uhuru had accepted her request and even suggested having a celebration ceremony, a cake cutting ceremony and a banquet to celebrate the wedding.

Samia went on to say that the two countries have the same ecology in the tourism industry but are only separated by borders. He urged his ministers to work with their Kenyan counterparts to remove barriers that prevent the two countries from working together to promote tourism.

The two leaders also signed eight agreements on the last day of the two-day state visit to Independence. The agreement between the two countries included an agreement on mutual legal aid, repatriation and relocation of convicted persons as well as agreements on migration, correction and animal health.

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